Advantages and specific introduction of pipe chain conveyor


The active box (driven box) of the pipe chain conveyor is equipped with branch pipes on both sides, which are connected to the active box (driven box). The 8-tooth sprocket is installed inside the active box (driven box), and the feeding pipe is connected through a flange. The two ends of the material conveying pipe are respectively connected to the branch pipes on both sides of the active box (driven box) and connected to the ground, and the conveying chain passes through the inner holes of the material conveying pipe and the branch pipe and is driven and connected to the active sprocket. The cross-sectional shape of the feeding pipe is circular. The conveyor chain comprises both horizontal and vertical chain links in the shape of anchor chains, and a disc is fixedly installed on the vertical chain link, which is circular in shape. The conveyor has a simple and reasonable structure, and can be used in narrow and irregular spaces, widely used in material transportation. According to the different requirements of the user's on-site space, this pipe chain conveyor can also be used separately for horizontal, inclined, or vertical lifting situations, and can achieve conveying applications with multiple feeding or discharging ports. At the bend of the pipeline, a reversing sprocket can also be set to reverse the chain.


1. The structure of the Baiken pipe chain conveyor is simple and compact, and can be arranged horizontally, vertically, curved, or in three dimensions.

2. According to the user's on-site usage, multiple feeding and discharging ports can be used to achieve one casing chain, multiple feeding points, and multiple discharging points.

3. The transportation of raw materials is always in a sealed state from the inlet to the outlet flange, ensuring that there is no dust leakage into the environment during transportation.

4. There is no need to install a dust collector at the outlet, and simple exhaust can meet the environmental protection requirements of modern enterprises.

5. During the transportation process, nitrogen gas can be filled for protection, meeting the transportation requirements for flammable and explosive powder materials.